Here Are 4 Errors to Avoid in Your E-commerce Website

4 Misconceptions About Shopify

Shopify is becoming the best e-commerce platform since it caters for both large and small businesses. It comes with a user-friendly interface to allow those entrepreneurs without the design skills to draft a professional website without hiring a designer. If you are a starter, this platform should be your choice. It will help you grow your business. The scalability feature it contains will help you to achieve this. It will allow your website to cater to the traffic levels.  Also, Shopify will help you reach your target customers quickly. It has the SEO feature to allowyou to sell to the search engine users. However, some misconceptions about Shopify can make you misunderstand how it works. Thus, you need to be aware of them. Here they are:

  • Because Shopify is a hosted platform, it will not offer you the freedom to make changes on yourwebsite

This misconception makes many entrepreneurs to select an e-commerce platform that does not match with their budget. Being hosted doesn’t mean that you cannot customize your website. Shopify comes with customizable themes to enable you to make changes and enhance the functionality of your site.

Shopify is cheap. Thus, you will draft a sketchy website

Price should not be among the top factors to consider when selecting an e-commerce platform. If your primary goal is to create a professional website that will enhance the growth of your business, you need to consider the features. Shopify is excellent when it comes to buildinghigh quality and unique website. It has a variety of fancy templates for you to choose from. With this, you will come up with a perfect site quickly. Also, Shopify comes with responsive templates that will make you go mobile. With this, your site will rank high on search engines,and you will drive traffic.

Shopify is not good for enterprise businesses

Shopify has all the features that an enterprise business requires to run smoothly. It is highly scalable to enable your site to change due to an increase in traffic levels. Also, it has the management features to allow you to perform every task automatically. Thus, it can work well for both small and enterprise businesses.

  • Only the open source platforms will offer a high level of security. Hence, Shopify will make youencounter losses

Security is vital in every online business. Thus, you need to ensure that the e-commerceplatform you are using has strongsecurity. Both open source and hosted platforms can provide you with security. Shopify will host your site on the reliable server to avoid losses. Also, it is level PCI DSS compliant. Thus, it is difficult for hackers to access your sensitive business information.